Port Environmental Review System (PERS)

What is it?

Over the last 15 years and having the continuous support and recognition of ESPO, the Port Environmental Review System (PERS) has firmly established its reputation as the only port‐sector specific environmental management standard.

PERS stems from work carried out by the ports themselves and it is specifically designed to assist port authorities with the functional organisation necessary to deliver the goals of sustainable development.The overriding ports element is especially important. There is much advice available on general environmental topics but the highly specialised nature of the environmental challenges in the port area that port authorities face, means that a "custom made" approach is absolutely vital. While incorporating the main generic requirements of recognised environmental management standards (e.g. ISO 14001).

PERS is adapted to deliver effective port environmental management and its implementation can be independently certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. Furthermore, the scheme effectively builds upon the policy recommendations of ESPO and gives ports clear objectives at which to aim.

For ports outside the EU area, the ECO SLC organisation is facilitating together with Lloyd's Register Rotterdam PERS certification on a global base.

Benefits of using PERS

Port interests are increasingly under pressure to confirm compliance with environmental legislation, report on environmental quality, and measure the effectiveness of the management system itself. Many ports have therefore an interest in introducing an Environmental Management System in their port but find it not easy to make personnel available for its introduction.

PERS addresses this challenge being credible and at the same time user friendly and not too demanding in terms of resources and time. Being developed by ports for ports PERS is designed to deliver key elements, such as: an environmental policy statement, a standard description of the actual set up of the port's environmental management organization, and an overview of the environmental aspects of port's activities.

For more information please visit: www.ecoports.com and http://ecoports.com/templates/frontend/blue/images/pdf/PERSBrochure2011.pdf And www.ecoslc.eu Please register through Ecoports or ECO SLC.

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