LR Foundation geeft subsidie aan Universiteit Wageningen

The project was developed jointly between LR Management Systems, the Foundation and Wageningen University, and is the first project targeted at the food sector to be funded by the Foundation. Vincent Doumeizel, Vice President Food, Beverage & Sustainability, will help steer the project by joining its advisory board.

Competition for maritime space is on the rise from a number of sources, including tourism, transportation, energy production, fishing and aquaculture. One solution is to share this space between multiple activities, which raises significant safety issues. This project aims to develop a meaningful safety assessment and controls for multiple simultaneous uses to enable the safe creation of energy sources and food at sea in the form of aquatic algae (mostly seaweeds).

Although seaweed has been collected for centuries as a source of food and animal feed, logistics and safety issues have often hampered large scale production. Cultivation of seaweed presents a number of significant opportunities: It is a sustainable and efficient source of protein; it provides a natural desalination process; it absorbs carbon dioxide – contributing to greenhouse gas reduction; and its residue can be used to create energy through biomass.

Commenting on the project, Doumeizel explained, “I am extremely proud to be representing Lloyd’s Register on the advisory board for this innovative project. It’s a great fit with our positioning on food and sustainability topics and it brings together key elements from all the Lloyd’s Register streams.” He added, “Providing enough fresh water and protein to meet the needs of a growing global population is a critical issue for us all. The current reliance on meat and soya has a significant impact on the environment and will become unsustainable as diets become richer– so it is exciting to be involved in research into viable alternatives.”

Vincent Doumeizel will be speaking on this topic at the Lloyd’s Register Foundation flagship International Conference, being held in London this October. Invite clients and register for this free 2-day event at